Terms of Use for the Application WebŠkola.cz(EN)

  1. The application WebŠkola.cz and Webskola.eu (The Application) is offered free of charge in the Czech Republic during the COVID-19 crisis.
  2. The application is offered by the team of WebŠkola.cz as shown on the About Us page (see https://webskola.cz/about).
  3. The Application is to be provided to all users free of charge. It is not permitted to build a profit-generating business by offering paid services related to the Application or help to set it up.
  4. A Session (meeting) created for teaching is called a Class.
  5. Visitors of the Application are Users
  6. The User, who creates a Class is the Teacher.
  7. The Teacher must be a teacher on a public school, unless agreed otherwise.
  8. By creating a Class, the Teacher is responsible for everything that happens in the Class and thus becomes liable for respecting the laws applicable in their jurisdiction. The team of Webskola.cz has no liability whatsoever for any damages caused by using the Application.
  9. A Student is a User connecting to a Class using a code obtained from a Teacher. It is not permitted to connect to other Classes, than the Class obtained from the instructions from the Teacher.
  10. The Student is obliged to respect the instructions from the Teacher during their presence in the Class and agrees to respect all applicable law.
  11. Teachers are obliged to provide a valid e-mail address, where they obtain an information e-mail with instructions for using the site for themselves (as Teacher) as well as their Students.
  12. The E-mail address provided by the teacher will be stored for the purpose of contacting the Teacher in case of technical or other problems with the Application, for informing about upcoming changes, new functionality, etc.
  13. The Teacher has the right to request removing their e-mail address from the Application by contacting Technical Support. A Class cannot be created without a Teacher e-mail address, so all a Teacher's classes are deleted when a Teacher e-mail is removed from the Application.
  14. The Application does not store any information about Students, nor any history of the Class chat, nor any recordings or images of the teaching in the Class.
  15. By using the Application, Users accept that the Application uses Cookies for the correct functioning of the Application and basic statistics about the Applications usage.