About the project

This project originated during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis as a reaction to the unavailability of on-line teaching tools for teachers who are not technically savvy, or who don't have the possibility through their school infrastructure to use commercial tools.

Our main goal is to provide for free, to as many students and teachers as possible, the possibility to easily take part in online classes, without having to install an application. Only a modern web browser (for example Google Chrome) should be enough.

This application offers video chats where the entire class can be present at once to teachers and students, in such a way that teachers and students can see each other. From his computer (operation system Windows/Linux/macOS or a tablet with Windows with a Chrome browser), the teacher can share their screen with the class, for example a presentation.

On top of benefiting from the education, we also see that students, especially the younger ones, are excited to see each other, and motivate each other to do their tasks, which makes it easier for parents to cope.

We have also seen students excited to connect on the platform and meet "after school".

During this crisis, we intend to add such functionality as to enable teachers to teach well and students to learn well. If you are missing a functionality, do not hesitate to contact us (whether you are a student or a teacher) at the tech support on the main page.

Contributors to the project:

  • Dominik Kadlček – development, deployment, technical support
  • Sergij Černičko – development, deployment
  • Gabriela Lebedová – technical support, testing
  • Sander Roosendaal – communication, fund raising
  • Martin Šabacký – chatbot for the technical support
  • Martina Hanžlová – graphical design
  • Renata Zanin – expertise support, translation
  • Janice Richardson – expertise support

We thank for help and support

  • Honeywell for providing funding for servers
  • Roští.cz for arranging the infrastructure.
  • Teacher Iva Lebedová and the class 2.B from the basic school in Pečky for pilot testing the project.
  • Klára Kadlčková and her friends for organising the first big test of the pilot app.